Sunday, September 9, 2012

First long ride with the aluminum fenders

I expected my Litespeed would ride the same, and it did. But with fenders on the bike, my attitude changed a little. I was no longer on a racing bike, but just a sweet road bike. I found my self charging fewer hills, riding just a little slower and looking around me more, enjoying the ride.

Was it really just the fenders, or am I just generally relaxing more on the bike? Who knows. I can't really tell after just one ride.

At the turning-home point on this ride, I had a young man catch up to me and ask me for directions. I had just turned off Sun Valley Parkway near Paoli, and he wanted to figure out how to get to Lake Farm Park and the bike path there. This turned out to be a great excuse to make my ride go longer. That's what I love about riding in the Madison area. Whenever I get on my bike and head out of town, I almost always end up riding with somebody else.

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