Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The snow is here in Madison again. About a foot of it. I rode my bike to work about a week and a half ago, and haven't touched it since. I left it there because of a cold snap, then the snow hit, and riding a road bike would be just stupid.
I went to the Brazen Dropouts Swap Meet on Jan. 13, and accomplished my goal of not losing too much money on a cross bike I bought from Dave at work. I bought and sold a few things while I was there, and the final tally is that I had paid $60 to buy a bike with a spare set of wheels, park the car, get into the swap, sell the bike (without the spare wheels), install fenders on the bike and keep the spare wheels. Campagnolo Record hubs, Mavic Reflex rims and cyclocross tubulars. I think I can afford that.
Mac is bugging me about getting my order in for a Litespeed frame. I just haven't made the time to measure me and my current Lietspeed.
I'm excited by the prospect of a new custom bike. It's been 23 years, and this bike will really be a 21st century bike.

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