Friday, August 24, 2012

Lance, USADA and Le Tour

OK, in the absence of a positive drug test and the absence of a conviction at trial, the US Anti-Doping Agency case against Lance Armstrong seems to boil down to this: It is impossible to win the Tour de France without doping, therefore a seven-time winner has to be guilty of doping.

It is a sad commentary on a sport I once loved. Bicycle racing is incredibly hard work. I tried hard and failed miserably, but still loved watching bicycle racing, especially the Tour. Yeah, there was some doping going on, probably. It is still a cleaner sport than Major League Baseball, where the slugging records are ALL owned by players who visibly used steroids. If all professional sports were governed by UCI doping and testing protocols, bike racing would show itself to be a lot cleaner.

But the hypocrites currently running the sport want it both ways: The want a commercial spectacle of super human effort, but want the competitors to stay human.

The guilty parties in L'Affair de LA are Le Tour, UCI and USADA.

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Eileen Young said...

It's really sad how the whole thing has undercut his ability to do charity work and raise money and awareness for cancer.